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We have developed Personaje to make this world a better place to live, mentally and psychologically.
Check out our vision and mission.

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Personaje vision is to make the world a better place to live, mentally and psychologically.


Personaje mission is to provide sustainable productive relationships by uncovering people's personality profiles and narrating how use this knowledge for the best.

We are all different but have common psyhological traits.

There are plenty of cases where misunderstanding can arise. We believe that the barrier of misunderstanding between people can be overcomed by the knowledge of your own and another side personality traits.

What we do

Based on behavioral data on a website we distinguish user personality profile. We do not track IP, names, emails and other personal information.

Based on behavioral data on a website Personaje distinguishes user psychology type.

Who we are

We are tech indies and psychology experts who would like to help businesses to enhance the communication inside the company's teams or with their clients. Check use cases to deep dive how and why we increase employees' performance, reduce the cost of clients' support/service, and increase clients' loyalty.

Use cases
Personaje takes up to two minutes of the session to distinguish user personality traits.


Personaje provides your system (CRM/CDP/HR/etc) with client/employee personality profile. We are open to provide seamless integration with your or third party system and provide consulting to set up, track and analyze success rate of an cooperation.
We are open for digital agencies and email marketing automation services to increase your clients key metrics like CTR, CPA, email open rate, etc. Check partnership page for more information.

Personaje is open to new cooperation and opportunities.
Our people

Our world-class team

Valentyn Bovchaliuk, Personaje CEO and co-founder
Valentyn Bovchaliuk
CEO, Data Science/ML Engineer
Oleksandr Bukalov, Personaje CScO and co-founder
Oleksandr Bukalov
CScO (Chief Scientific officer)
Oleksandr Bukalov facebook link
Oleksandr Dudko, Personaje CTO and co-founder
Oleksandr Dudko
Oleksandr Dudko linkedin link
Olga Karpenko, Personaje CScO and co-founder
Olga Karpenko
Oksana Dudko, Personaje CPO
Oksana Dudko
Oksana Dudko linkedin link
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