Core product

The core Personaje product is an ML algorithm which able to define personality profile within ~3 minutes of user's website surfing. It was developed in cooperation with the International Institute of Socionics (Kyiv, Ukraine).

According to an experiment (made by Columbia, Harvard, and Cambridge researches), persuasive appeals that were matched to people’s extroversion or openness-to-experience level resulted in up to 40% more clicks and up to 50% more purchases than their mismatching or unpersonalized counterparts.

Digital marketing agency

We have already developed Google Ads and Facebook Pixel integrations so there is a simple way to boost your clients' remarketing campaigns performance. Check our Google/FB ads remarketing use case.

Marketing automation service / CDP platforms

Personality profile which defines almost instantly allows to personalize popup, web pages, emails, sms, pushes, etc.

Boost your clients' ROMI, CAC, LTV, etc through your platform's channels. Here is more information how it can used in email marketing.

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