Use cases

Setting up personalized consumer-business interactions with Personaje improves ROMI (returns on marketing investments), decreases CAC (customer acquisition cost), increases LTV (lifetime value), reduces call center or support team costs, etc.

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Personaje benefits for any business


According to researchers*, personality-based marketing doubles the returns on marketing investments.

Personaje provides personality segments in real-time into your Google/Facebook Ads accounts or other system to help you tailor creatives and audience and increase ROAS by that.

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Personaje can help you increase ROMI, LTV, abandoned cart email conversion rate, and more.


Call duration is up to two times shorter and problem-solving up to two times higher simultaneously in case client and employee have the same or similar personality profiles*.

We believe that same results can be achieved also in chat/ticket support systems. Subscribe to be the first.

ISBN: 978-1-59184-492-1 (just google it), Chapter 7
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Improve your support team performance with Personaje.


According to WorldBank* psychometric credit scoring appears to be a viable screening method for loan applicants without a credit history.

With Personaje you are able to evaluate credit scoring real-time without any tests or quizez.

* WorldBank article

Fico, Forbes articles

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Personaje can help you to evaluate psychometric credit scoring without any tests.


Improve teams performance based not only employees skills but theirs personalities*.

A large analysis** showed that team members’ personalities influence cooperation, shared cognition, information sharing, and overall team performance.

* Harvard Business Review article** Applied psychology journal article
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Create dream teams with best performance you ever seen.
And there are more...
Drop a line with your problem, idea, or questions about how Personaje can help you and we will do our best.

How it works

There are only three steps to gain the results with Personaje: integration, comprehend the segments, and action.

All starts with submitting the form below.

  • first step to start using Personaje

    Integration with Google Ads and/or FB Pixel is easy, no developer needed. Results are provided into your system.

  • seond step to start using Personaje

    Revise, feel, and define the difference between Personaje segments for your case (check pdf).

  • third step to start using Personaje

    Create creatives and launch campaigns as it was previously taking into account the segments. One free creatives audit is guaranteed.

How we work

Discover solution

- Identify use cases for your business

- Define the most promising solution and build a roadmap

Integrate & KPIs

- IT integration into your business processes

- Consulting your team and setting up for personality type usage

- Define clear success metrics and KPIs

Monitor & growth

- Monitor and measure metrics and KPIs

- Audit and provide enhancements if needed

- Set up next use case for your business

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And tailor the client-business interactions to personalize the experience.
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